Renaissance Hotel Diptych

Baltimore Blue Crab is artist Brian Dowdall's visual love feast to the Maryland's regions official and unofficial "animal spirits" inclusive of popular State and City mascots.
Amoung them: the delicious Baltimore blue crab, the faithful and Chesapeake Bay retriever dog, Edgar Allen Poe's and pro football team's Raven,the Maryland State Diamondback Terrapin seen here as they all dance with the Visionary Art Museum Kinetic Sculpture Race giant pink poodle, FiFi, as they wheel around the bay alongside a classic Baltimore Clipper Ship, the Maryland State flag and a local mermaid goddess.

Red Winged Horse was created in celebration of both Maryland's rich steeplechase and fox hunting history and Baltimore's historic role in the The Triple Crown of Horse Racing at local Pimlico Racetrack. The Maryland State Calico Cat (inspired here by Brian's own beloved cat, Sonnie) is seen giving her friend the Maryland State Striped Bass a gentle ride, nestled next to the Maryland State Black-eyed Susan flower. An ancient Mermaid spirit represents the artist himself. Two pink flamingos stand in tribute to the cultural Baltimore icon film make, John Waters. The Oriole, Maryland's State Bird, also inspired the name of our famed baseball team. A small Irish flag honors Lord Baltimore and the proud heritage of both the artist and our very musical, State Governor, Martin O'Malley.

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