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I was born on February 12, 1948, in the small copper mining town Anaconda, Montana. While growing up, I spent most of my spare time hiking in the mountains situated a few blocks from home. It was there that I developed a strong kindred spirit with animals. After high school, I traveled extensively throughout the 1960's, hitchhiking across America and camping in national forests, caves, and wilderness areas. I also spent time in the little village of Puerto Marquez, Mexico, with an Indian friend, living in a converted horse stable. There, I painted hundreds of my animal spirit paintings using local house paint on Mexican newspapers. I paint energy patterns of animals with pure raw colors, surrounding and filling their forms. I've been painting animal spirit and goddess images for over thirty years. I do my colors from the sun, moon, fire, earth, trees, and water. They are painted on cardboard with tempera and house paint. My backyard sand creatures are done with brown paper bags, sand, and various glues. Living by the ocean, I find inspiration.


Brian Dowdall has recently relocated to Baltimore/project: Art Park Manor in partnership with the city, recreation and parks, with the blessings of Rebecca (founder/director) AVAM.

Brian Dowdall of the Space Coast, Florida was accepted into the prestigious

Raw Arts Festival Jan 18 2007 NYC

Brian Dowdall has represented Florida in many of the most established art/outsider visionary festivals and shows throughout the East.
Inclusive the Kentuck Tuscaloosa, Folk Fest Atlanta, The BAZAART held at the American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore and House of Blues,Orlando "where the art meets the soul", as well as the Mennello Musuem festival locally.

Dowdall's work has been collected & exhibited, internationally. Brian has a following far & wide from celebrities to locals.

Major collectors of Brian's Art



Brian Dowdall, Robert F. Seven & Alison Spiesman completed an "outsider visionary" quest room 11-B at Ye Ol'Carlton Arms Hotel, NYC.

Carlton Arms Hotel

Dowdall's paintings were included in the gallery shows of:
* Mennello Museum of American Folk Art - Orlando, Florida - invitational show ... visionary artists were asked to do a rendition of the Peaceable Kingdom - 9/11 in 2001 exhibit
* Vernissage - Paris - Curator Pascale Tascone - November 1998
* Galerie Michel Gillet - Paris - Curator Pascale Tascone - February 4 - March 7, 1999

Dowdall's animal spirit sand paintings are available at:
* Jimmy Hedges - Rising Fawn - Chattanooga, Tennessee
* Ginger Young, Chapel Hill, NC
* Phillip Williams, NYC
* Tom Wells, Weathervane, GA
* Ty & Jean Tyson, Tyson Trading & Co, Micanopy, FL
* Charlie Coleman, Presidio

Gallery and museum catalog representations of Brian's paintings:
"The Passionate Eye" ~ City Hall of Orlando June, 1994 ~ Frank Holt, Curator
"Outsider Art an Exploration of Chicago Collections" ~ Chicago Cultural Center Dec., 1996 - Feb., 1997 ~ Kenneth C. Burkhart, Curator
The Mennello Museum of American Folk Art Selected Works From Permanent Collection of American Folk Art June, 1999 - Jan., 2000 ~ Frank Holt, Curator

Magazine and Newspaper Articles:
Fashion Spectrum Magazine, Miami Florida September, 1996 Issue
Folk Art Messenger, The Folk Art Society of America Fall, 1997 & Spring, 1999 Issues
Chicago Sun Times, "Art-Centric Folk" June, 1997 Issue
Brevard Live, "Outsider Art About the Insides of Life" Feb., 1997 (Click here to view article)
Folk Art Finder Spring, 1998 Issue
Raw Vision Magazine, "Raw News" Issue #9, 1994
Florida Today, People Section Nov. 12, 1999 (Click here to view article)

Resource guide books you can find Brian in:
Brick by Brick documenting lives & telling stories by Raymond J. Baldino, CPP
Extraordinary Interpretations by Gary Monroe
A newly published, hardcover book featuring Florida Outsider Folk Artists

Contemporary American Folk Art - A Collectors Guide by Chuck and Jan Rosenak
20th Century American Folk Art and Outsider Art by Betty-Carol Sellen
Just Above The Water by Kristin G.Congdon and Tina Bucuvalas
Affirmations Artists Speak - collection of essays by the Green Room Group

Annual art shows you can find Brian at:
'Outsider Art Fair' ~ Puck Building, New York City From 1993 - 2009

Shows in Europe
'American Outsider Folk Art Show' Halle St. Pierre Museum ~ Paris, France Sept., 1998 - Sept., 2000
'International Edinburgh Festival' ~ Scotland August, 1999
"Vernissage" ~ Paris, France November 1998 ~ Pascale Tascone, Curator
"Galerie Michel Gillet" ~ Paris, France Feb. 4 - March 7, 1999 ~ Pascale Tascone, Curator


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